Clear Communication Through Color & Contrast

It's important for your sign from Lawrence Sign Up to be readable with proper color contrast.


Custom signs are the best way to convey a message to customers and future customers.  In order for a sign to be effective, it must be able to be read. Selecting the correct letter height, type style, and color scheme is necessary or your investment in any type of sign will be ineffective.  Below are some simple guidelines to help explain how to reach as many targets as possible with you signs, be it vehicle wraps or graphics, yard signs, banners, or building signs.  There are many factors to consider when creating custom signs, if you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry we are here to help!  You can call or email us and we can help you select the best color combination, font, and letter height to guarantee that your message doesn’t go unnoticed.

The size of your lettering determines the distance it is legible = Lawrence Sign Up.


You can use our letter visibility chart to determine the best size of letters for your sign.  Our recommendation is that for every 10’ of distance a letter will need to be 1” tall or larger.  For instance: if your banner needs to be read from 50’ away the letters should be at least 5” tall for maximum impact.  The letters will be able to be read up to 175’, but 50’ will provide the best readability.

Examples of color contrast and readability on signs from Lawrence Sign Up.


Even with the correct letter height chosen, your sign might not be as effective as it can be without using the correct color scheme.  High contrast colors allow a message to jump off a signs surface and impact the reader.  The most common schemes that are easiest to read included red and white, black and yellow, dark blue and white, among others combinations.  If colors are used that are too close in tone your message could be difficult to read, or even worse, it may go completely unnoticed.

Lawrence Sign Up offers banners in many different sizes to fit your needs.
This shows the difference in sizes of available signs from Lawrence Sign Up.
Lawrence Sign Up offers a variety of different styles of real estate signs.