LED Signs Save You Money & Last Longer

LED lighting in your Lawrence Sign Up sign is a long-lasting and energy efficient option.
LED lights require less maintenance and upkeep, and are quickly serviced - Lawrence Sign Up.


LED, or Light Emitting Diode, is our illuminated method of choice.  The vast majority of our illuminated signs are built with and illuminated with LED lighting technology. Gone are the days of expensive neon and expensive electric bills.  The last five years has seen a drop in the price of LED modules to the point they are often a less expensive initial investment than traditional neon or fluorescent lamps and ballasts. Traditional neon can use up to 10,000 volts or more while an LED uses only 24 volts.


The maintenance and upkeep on LED is far less expensive, too.  The LED module can be easily disconnected and a new unit quickly reinstalled in one service call.  Neon repairs generally take two trips – the first to remove the faulty neon – then the neon must be rebent at the shop, and finally a second return trip in a week to reinstall the new neon.


LED illumination is available in many colors, is brighter than neon, is more efficient than neon, and is easier to service while needing service less frequently. LED is commonly used for channel letter applications, but we can also equip illuminated standard and custom cabinets with LEDs. Older signs can be converted from neon or lamps and ballasts to LED.