Vehicle Wraps as a Paint Alternative

Vehicle wraps started primarily for commercial vehicles. It was a great way for service industries to advertise their trade. Plumbers, roofers, cable companies, delivery vans, and the like, all appreciated the ability to have a large mobile billboard. Promotional vehicle wraps for branding and advertising are as popular as they ever have been and they’re not going anywhere soon. However a more recent trend in the vehicle wrap marketplace is the prevalence of color change paint replacement films.

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The Added Benefits of Wrapping

Increase the Resale Value of Your Vehicle

There’s been a huge increase in the amount of vehicle wraps being applied for individual customers who do not wish to advertise a product or business but rather want to purchase and have a wrap install to protect the original paint job of their vehicle and or change the color without resorting to a professional paint job. Another benefit –that won’t be evident for a few years– is the added value during trade in. After the paint replacement wrap has been removed the factory paint job is as intact as it was the day the wrap was applied. The years of protection from rocks and road dirt will be evident to you and the dealer when discussing trade in prices.

Paint replacement film is a smart solution for a car owner who wants to protect the original paint from road debris, chips, and grime. Paint replacement film is often a better option than paint because the wrap can officially be removed. The original paint service is left untouched.

Select From a Wide Array of Colors

Another benefit to using paint replacement film is the wide array of colors and finishes now available in the marketplace. Vinyl manufacturers such as 3M, Oracal, and Avery Dennison seem to be coming out with new colors almost on a quarterly basis. There are numerous different tones colors and special effects to choose from many of which are available in gloss satin matte or candy finishes.

Visit this link to find out information about the materials we use and what colors are available: 3M Color Choices


Textured Finishes

There are more extreme finishes with textures like snakeskin, velvet, true chrome, colored chrome, and neon fluorescent. Manufacturers have also produced the films in 60 inch rolls which will allow for the majority of vehicles to be installed panel by panel. Without any seams 60 inches is wide enough to cover most hoods, roofs, and other large panels on a vehicle.


Things To Consider

There are a few distinct differences when dealing with paint replacement film as opposed to the traditional commercial advertising wraps. The biggest difference is the expectation of installation processes. Most corporate wraps and fleet accounts do not require the panel’s to be wrapped all the way around body parts and difficult areas are often avoided to aid in a cheaper and faster product delivered to the end user. Service truck, van, and box truck wraps have a different life and expectation than a paint replacement film vehicle.

While commercial wraps never have doorjambs or trunk-jambs covered, many paint replacement wrap jobs for personal vehicles do feature the insides of the doors, the door jambs, the insides of the trunk covered. This allows the color to continue when the doors and trunk are opened. Applying vinyl to the insides of the doors, trunk, etc is not practiced at all in commercial or fleet graphics scenarios, because it is unnecessary and overkill. However, individuals who are wrapping a personal vehicle to change the color do not want the tacky appearance of having the edges of the wrap exposed when the doors open.

Techniques We Love!

One innovative technique is to place a base layer of cut vinyl to the vehicle before wrapping with the paint replacement film. The base layer of cut vinyl can be any sort of design. The paint replacement film is applied over the cut vinyl and results in an embossed graphic.


More Info About Vehicle Wraps

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