We Can Help With Your City Permits

Lawrence Sign Up can provide you with advice and paperwork filing for your sign permits.


Often fabrication and installation of a new sign will require the issuance of a sign permit from the city or township where the sign is to be hung.  Lawrence Sign Up is well versed in area sign codes for all sign applications.

  • We can advise you on design and fabrication basics depending on the zoning area.
  • We will file all paperwork with the city or other governing body to ensure your custom sign fits their specifications.
  • We will conduct a site survey of the building and/or grounds of the new sign complete with accurate photographs and measurements
  • You will be able to focus on your business or organization while we deal with permitting.  You can rest assured your custom sign project will be completed on time and in code.

In Lawrence, KS permits are required for all banners.  They are limited to 30 days of temporary use there is a required fee.  Permanent signs require a higher fee and are subject to more regulations than temporary banner permits.