Banners | A Cost Efficient Way To Advertise

Banners are a low cost option for making a big statement –the perfect way to promote and share event information for churches, sports teams, businesses, parties, and more. Lawrence Sign Up can produce a banner in any size, large or small. Our banners feature a 1” tape hem and come standard with brass and nickel grommets for hanging. Typical methods used to hang banners include screws with washers, zip-ties, bungee cords, and posts. Water resistant and suitable for indoor or outdoor use, banners will last 6-12 months on average, or 12+ months depending on application, weather conditions, and general treatment of the banner.

Stand Tall with Banner Stands

Banner stands are ideal for professional displays in reception areas, at trade shows, and for business presentations. Easy to use, hassle free, and lightweight, banner stands serve to visually communicate your message and make an impact—at a fair price. Our units are provided with full color graphics, a carrying bag or case, and elegant hardware. We offer three styles of banner stands: Retractable, Tension, and Spring Back. Our banner stands are approved for interior use only, call or email for exterior banner stand options.

lightning-stand Banner Stands



Building Signs Are A Necessity | Be Seen

The most important part of any brick and mortar business is a professional looking sign. A building sign is the face of a business and greets potential customers. In essence, a building sign is the first impression a business makes to the public.

An effective sign will be easy to read in the day and in the evening. Building signs must be striking, easy to read, and convey trust to potential customers. A cheap or tattered sign can convey the incorrect message to the public by creating indecision and distrust in potential customers.

The Sky Is The Limit With Digital Printing

In this section we have a full list of all out digital printing options. We have numerous products that are not specifically signs. We offer business stationery such as envelopes, letterhead, business cards and note pads. We also offer marking specific digital print products such as brochures, presentation folders, posters, postcards, catalogs, and door hangers. We also offer canvas prints, NCR forms, bumper stickers and bookmarks.  Our digital print offerings range in quantities from small to large.  Many of our products can be priced online through our cart function, and those which cannot be priced online feature a quote request form. If you have any questions about these products don’t hesitate to contact us via the built in chat function or by using our contact form.



Custom Lettering For Any Application

Individual “dimensional lettering” is an effective and elegant way to create signage where illumination is not necessary.  Individual lettering can be provided in a variety of materials depending on the application.  Dimensional letters are offered in materials to suit every budget and can be installed outdoors or indoors.  Lettering can be produced as small as 1” tall and all they way to 48” tall or larger.  Lettering can be used in high end office interiors, exterior walls, interiors walls, and any other application where individually crafted letters are required.  Lettering can be painted aluminum, brushed aluminum, brass, copper, polished chrome, stainless steel, patina, and other finishes.  Many of our dimensional letters come with a lifetime guarantee against product failure, please contact us for specific information. We can offer installation services for the majority of our customers, or we can supply you with mounting templates and you can handle the installation on your own.

Magnets Are A Great Alternative To Adhesives

Magnets are a great option for displaying your message temporarily or permanently without the hassle of adhesives. You can order vehicle magnets, fridge magnets, and more for promotional business purposes. Our magnets are available in two standard sizes for vehicles (a larger size for trucks and large doors and a smaller size for cars and small doors). Custom sizes are also available. We also offer promotional fridge magnets in business card size –perfect for handing out to customers. Other popular uses are “save the date” fridge magnets for weddings and events.

Signs For Any Purpose

We have several different sign solutions for you to choose from. Whether you need yard signs or parking signs, we have you covered. When it comes to choosing the right solution for your personal or company needs, our experienced staff can guide you through the whole process. Our staff can help design, install, and even obtain a city permit. If you don’t see what you need here on our site, please contact us today. We will work to find a solution for any of your needs.

Vehicle Wraps | Cost Efficient Advertising

Vehicle wraps are a high impact advertising solution. Adhesive vinyl is applied to a vehicle to create a moving billboard. Your business or organization will achieve unrivaled impressions. A low cost, one time fee for advertising which will last for years. Vehicle wraps can be created to make practically any design a reality. The limitations are few and the opportunities increase with technological innovations. Wraps can present a company identity, product advertisement, or message. Wraps are vital tool that allow many companies to access an audience on the road. Wraps have the lowest Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM) of any other form of advertising at $0.15 per view.



Vinyl-Lettering Decals


Get Stuck on Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics can be used for short term to semi permanent applications. Typical retail uses included promotion posters and wall signs. The decals can also be tiled together to create large wall murals for short term use. Another popular application for our removable vinyl wall decals is for a photo backdrop. The graphics are digitally printed and can consist of logos, words, and/or photographs. Removable graphics are perfect for a situation where your image needs to stick temporarily without damaging the wall surface. These graphics are a breeze to install and remove.