Solar Energy Is Clean Energy

Lawrence Sign Up offers solar powered illuminated signs to use the sun for power.
Solar Signs from Lawrence Sign Up are environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
Lawrence Sign Up's solar signs use a thin solar film to collect energy from the sun.
Using solar signs from Lawrence Sign Up may qualify you for tax credits or rebates.


A solar sign is a self-contained system which powers the sign directly from the sun, stores the power in batteries, and disperses it to power the lights on a controlled basis.  The sign will be a stand alone, off the grid system.  The thin film solar panel charges the battery during the daylight hours and the battery supplies power to the loads  when needed.  The charge controller terminates the charging when the battery reaches full charge.  The load center may contain meters to monitor system operation and necessary fuses to protect wiring in the event of a malfunction or short circuit in the sign.  The thin film solar panels are made with professional marine-grade components and rugged UV-stabilized materials.  They perform well in diverse environments ranging from the hot desert sun to freezing arctic temperatures.


Lawrence Sign Up uses a lightweight, thin solar film on our solar signs that is non-obstructive and not as noticeable as the standard hard panel crystalline. With the use of our film, we start producing power in as little as 4% ambient light.  Solar power has the potential to save businesses millions in electricity and maintenance costs by using energy from the sun’s rays. Specially designed controllers and energy efficient LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) open up the possibility of flexible advertising in previously unobtainable areas where electricity supply is non-existent or cost prohibitive in previous applications.


• Zero Carbon Footprint
• Sustainable
• Reduces the user’s carbon footprint
• Qualifying for tax credits and or rebates
• Eliminating utility expenses
• Environmental responsibility is reflected
• Reduces maintenance costs
• No trenching and breaker from building structure
• No electrical expense
• No service for 5 to 7 years
• Quick installation
• No electrical permit or drawings